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Carezoe medical exhibition 78th CMEF perfect ending
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On October 29, 2017, the 78th China medical device expo (CMEF) was finished at the dianchi international exhibition center in kunming. The exhibition, which lasted four days, attracted many medical equipment companies.

Carezoe medical make full use of the participation opportunity, and to visit customers and dealers to communicate, negotiate, to further expand its fame and influence in the industry to better improve their product structure, play their own advantages.

                                          Booth front door is a city, good not lively!


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Carezoe brand vacuum cupping, innovation with the method of extraction to form negative pressure tank, overturns the traditional cupping cans not easily, low security, such as the inconvenience take shortcomings, has high penetration rate, the operation is simple, affordable, etc. As the founder, the series cupping device has been developed over the past 20 years. It has three types of B, C and F, and dozens of combinations can meet the needs of different groups.

The intelligent voice and accurate measurement provided by Carezoe electronic blood pressure gauge have received numerous favorable comments from many testers and users.

There are ten kinds of health pillow series, depending on the different kinds of people, so as to ensure that the body gets the most comfortable sleep for a whole day. Besides, there is also a certain protection of the cervical vertebra.

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Clinical practice has proved that oxygen therapeutics, with its unique treatment mechanism of acute and chronic ischemia oxygen deficiency symptoms in clinical departments and secondary disease caused by hypoxia, can effective treatment effect. Molecular sieve oxygen generator is the only mature oxygen generator with international standard and national standard. As companies push products, Carezoe working principle of the molecular sieve oxygen generator adopts advanced type, choose import lithium molecular sieve, thus is durable, high purity, low noise, can guarantee the continuous oxygen to ten hours of uninterrupted, suitable for home or hospital and other public places.

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Carezoe far infrared protective equipment, is the domestic only one has the two kinds of medical device qualification, the only pass far infrared function to detect the protective gear. It is applicable to joint disease, protect joints and strengthen metabolism, promote and improve blood circulation, have anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling and analgesic effect, improve human immune function.

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The staff is explaining carefully to the guest, to be responsible for their serious and responsible attitude!

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                                 On the other side, wow! Such a huge cupping device!

 And a model girl in the Carezoe series protection tools! Standing on the side is more petite and lovely!

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Through this exhibition, Carezoe Medical not only shows the new products and innovative technologies, as well as to the industry shows the strength of the company, in order to further enhance Carezoe brand influence in the field of medical apparatus and instruments played a good effect.