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Congratulations on the successful conclusion of Carezoe 2017 autumn dealers exchange conference
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On October 30, 2017, Carezoe 2017 autumn dealer exchange conference to be held in the crown holiday inn of the kunming center. Dealers from all over the country come together for a new grand plan. 



The general assembly kicked off with a warm sun drums dance, with applause from the audience.

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With the theme of "fusion, upgrade and win-win", the general assembly has combed through the development of 2017 and made its outlook in 2018, and thanked the dealers for their long-standing support to Carezoe. General manager Fang Liang also made a share of Carezoe's new product upgrade.

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Then, Mr. Zhao hailong, director of Carezoe business channel, Shared the strategic planning of Carezoe brand sales channel. In 2017, Carezoe is committed to building a learning-oriented pragmatic team and cultivating the professional quality of the team. In 2018, Carezoe has formulated a detailed marketing strategy plan to provide better services for dealers.

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"The world tour of Carezoe - enjoy life" is a large dealer's overseas tour which is initiated by the general manager Fang Liang.In the past few years, Carezoe has gone through the romance of Bali with you, experienced the passion of saipan, experienced the incredible of maldives, and felt the luxury of dubai. Memories of the past are still filled with emotion. The dealer friends at the scene shared the world in their hearts.

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Mr. Fang liang, general manager of Carezoe, signed a signature with all of your dealer friends to officially launch "The world tour of Carezoe ".

The world tour of Carezoe,a constant date every year.In 2018, Carezoe will join hands with people to visit the mysterious India.

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Then, General manager Fang Liang,Deputy general manager Zhang Fu ming,Carezoe sales elites and dealers changed into Indian national costumes, so that we could have a glimpse of Indian belly dance. The audience laughed and cheered the dinner atmosphere to a climax.

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At the end of the conference, we will take a group photo and wish Carezoe a better tomorrow.

Farewell to the past, looking forward to the future, Carezoe will be led by the general manager, Mr. Fang Liang, to work together with the dealers for the same goal to create a more brilliant future for Carezoe.