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Electronic thermometers
Product description

Kang Zhu electronic thermometer used in contact with the human body thermal head give negative temperature coefficient thermistor temperature transfer, the output resistance is inversely proportional to the temperature of thermistor, resistance after machine core IC transformation, operation, finally through the LCD display measured temperature, measured temperature peak can record and read. Convenient and fast, accurate measurement.

Product Features

Automatic shutdown of delta;

Deltaic underpressure indication;

When the measurement is completed, there is a sound signal.

Warning: delta beyond the measuring range is lower than 32.0 ℃ show Lo ℃, higher than 42.9 ℃ ℃ show Hi.

Product advantages

Delta reading is convenient;

The time of the survey is short;

The precision of the measurement is high;

Delta has memory;

Delta has sound cues;

No harm done.