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The principle of cupping is conducted by pumping the vacuum cups to form the negative pressure inside the cups,which makes congestion of the local superficial tissues and promotes local vessels expanded and speedes up the blood circulation,so that the supply of the blood to the skins can be improved to enhance the vigour of the cells in skin deep and the permeability of vascular wall and phagocytic activity of hemocytes and local tolerance and organism'sresistance to achieve the obejective of treatment.The cupping is non-medicine ecological treatment,that is the green treatment in the 21th centry.

The first major effect:

Balance yin and yang. "Yin Pingyang secret, the spirit and even". Cupping therapy by taking care of a particular part of the body or acupuncture points to improve and regulate the internal organs of the physiological function, so that the body to achieve a harmonious balance between yin and yang.

The second major effect:

Fuzheng Quxie. "Righteousness in the deposit, evil can not dry." Cupping therapy can stimulate the meridian of the gas, to stimulate the weak organs function, improve the ability of antibody resistance, while exhausted cold, dampness and blood stasis.

The third major effect:

Sparse through the network. "Meridians so life and death, at white disease, adjust the actual situation, can not pass." Cupping can stimulate the gas, dredge the meridians, and through the meridian system affect the organs, the organization's function, so that the hundred pulse dredge, five internal organs and.

The fourth major effect:

Reconcile qi and blood. "Irrigation organs, foreign irrigation irrigation management". Cupping therapy has to reconcile qi and blood, promote the role of blood running, while some cupping therapy can also blood stasis, Tongluo pain.

hemophilia, leukemia, pernicious anemia, thrombocytopenia and other blood diseases, Absolutely no cupping.

skin allergies, bleeding sites, ulcers, edema parts Unfavorable to cupping.

large blood vessels, heart beat, lymph nodes gathered (submandibular, cervical, supraclavicular fossa, armpit, groin, etc.) Unfavorable to cupping.

partial skin tumor, traumatic fracture site, varicose veins, scar, scrofulous (lymph node), blood vessels Unfavorable to cupping.

facial features, Pussy and anus Unfavorable to cupping.

pregnant women, women menstrual period, active pulmonary tuberculosis, neurological disorders, mental disorders, restlessness, muscle spasms convulsions Unfavorable to cupping.

high blood pressure and moderate and severe heart disease, heart failure, respiratory failure Unfavorable to cupping.

drunk, over hungry, over full, overwork, thirsty, strenuous exercise, the body is extremely consumed, cachexia patients, muscle atrophy skin without stretch Unfavorable to cupping.

can not express their awareness of infants and young children Unfavorable to cupping.

patients with pacemaker can not take magnetic parts cupping, heart can not be cupping

(1) can not pull the prison, often dropping

① reasons: skinny, joints, dry skin, hair too long lead to cupping drop;

  Solution: use special-shaped cupping or switch to the right size of the cuping.

② reasons: Physically active and Posture instability ;

  Solution: use a more comfortable correct position, to maintain the position.

reasons: Vacuum guns are insufficient or the method of use is incorrect.

  Solution:Clean the vacuum gun barrel, apply oil and oil.

(2)pull out the blisters:

After the cupping body pull out the blisters, usually due to the following reasons:

cupping time is too long 

pumping too much, it is better that the meat in the cupping is 1-2 cm 

due to wet poison caused by the body

Solution: after cupping, if the local skin blisters, drops of water, bleeding, blood stasis and other phenomena are normal treatment .Light blisters only need to prevent scratches, until Naturally absorb; blister larger, serious condition, can be broken the blister root with Sterilize needle, deposited with disinfection gauze to prevent infection.

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