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Legal notices

Welcome to visit and use health care website. Carezoe medical remind you: in order to better ensure that your information security and property of the site before the browse or use Carezoe medical services website, please be sure to read carefully and thoroughly understand this statement. Browse this web site and related web users, said you to accept the following terms, Beijing Carezoe medical instrument co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Carezoe medical") reserves the right to change these terms at any time. You may not upload, publish or disseminate any information or information that contains any defamation, foul language, obscene speech and pictures, or any illegal or damaging interest. This website declares that there are two versions of Chinese and English. If there are any conflicts between Chinese and English versions, please refer to the Chinese version.

1. Disclaimer

1, any data provided by this web site and the information is for reference only, Carezoe medical treatment is not right for all or part of the contents of this web site data or due to reliance on the information of the loss of any responsibility, is responsible for the actions you must decide for you.

2, Carezoe medical not just on this site to provide any product, service, or make any representations, warranties or recognition information, sales of all products and services should be subject to the company to the terms and conditions in the sales contract and related constraints.

3. Internet transmission may be disrupted, interrupted, delayed or data errors. In the case of the situation (including but not limited to the failure of communication facilities) to be controlled by the non-cong medical treatment, kang wishes the medical treatment not to take any responsibility.

4, you through other web sites that link to enter this website may be the risk of a fake Carezoe medical website, please use safe way (such as type in www.carezoe.cn directly in your browser's address bar or click the favorites in the correct url) to access on this web site.

5. The laws of the local government may have a requirement for the limitation and exemption of liability. In such cases, such laws shall prevail. If you visit this site from outside of China, you have a duty to comply with all of your local laws.

Intellectual property claims

1. I wish to have the right to have all intellectual property rights to the website, and to be protected by relevant intellectual property laws. For this website copyright belongs to the work of Carezoe medical, you if you need references, excerpts, reproduced, or used in any other way, must take the written permission of Carezoe medical, extracted or quoted shall ensure that reflect the real meaning of the original, and when use indicate the source and copyright Carezoe nitoy some tags. For any violation of the relevant state laws and regulations, do not obey this website declare, not agree via this web site, unauthorized use of this website does not indicate the source of the behavior, Carezoe medical reserves the right to take legal action shall be investigated for their responsibility.

2. All trademarks, logos and service marks used and displayed on the website belong to Carezoe medical or licensed and protected by law. You may not modify, copy or otherwise use the above trademark or logo without permission. Any attempt to play down or discredit the above trademarks and marks is illegal, and kang wishes to maintain the right to pursue his legal responsibilities.

3. Reproduced the statement in quotation

1. The contents of this website are provided by other organizations, institutions or individuals, and the copyright of these contents belongs to the corresponding providers. This website refers, extracts or reprint these contents to the copyright holder's permission. This website quotes, extracts or reprint the above information for visitors' exchange or reference only. The views or information of this website have nothing to do with health care.

2, if you want to use this web site contains the content provided by other organizations, organizations or individuals, please contact the copyright owner, any transactions and related legal responsibility has nothing to do with Carezoe medical.

Iv. Privacy statement

1. If you provide the personal information required for registration, you will know that you have known and accepted your personal information for the purpose of this particular purpose. Health care will take measures to ensure your information security in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.

2. In the case of legal provisions, such as the requirements of judicial organs, regulators and other government agencies, I wish the medical services may provide you with relevant information.

5. Third-party links

This site may retain links to third-party websites or web site, visit these links will be decided by the users themselves to make Carezoe medical treatment does not guarantee any information and data provided on these links, ideas, images, or suggest the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency and reliability. Health care provides these links simply to provide convenience, and does not indicate that the medical treatment of the information is accredited and recommended, nor is it used for publicity or advertising purposes. The link website is not subject to the control of the medical website, and kang wishes that medical care does not pay any compensation for the direct, indirect and incidental consequences of such links.

6. Applicable legal statements

The visit and the use of this website and any disputes arising therefrom shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.